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The administration area of the web site provides access to crediting details and copies of individual CE certificates. Standard reports, such as Session/Speaker reports, Session Ranking, Speaker Ranking, Attendee Crediting, and Demographic statistics, will be available on a near real-time basis (updated nightly). Some report examples are detailed below.

Individual Session-level reports - A report is created for each session. It shows the distribution of responses to the Session and Speaker objectives, averages and session specific comments. This is the report that can be sent to each speaker for there specific session(s).
Session Ranking - This reports ranks all of the Sessions based on the cumulative average of the Session objectives.
Speaker Ranking - This report ranks all of the Speakers based on the cumulative average of the Speaker objectives. If a Speaker presents at more than one Session, they will be listed multiple times.
Demographic/Overall statistical reports
Professional Crediting summary and details

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